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Writing Style of F Scott Fitzgerald

The Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald
Published Works
The American Dream
After Thought

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The purpose of this site is to help future students of English 214 understand the relationship between F. Scott Fitzgerald and some of his writings, such as "The Great Gatsby".
This site will offer further insite into "The Great Gatsby" and hopefully a better understanding of the novel.  As well as establishing a relationship behind "The Great Gatsby" and F. Scott Fitzgerald's real life.

After exploring this site we hope that the reader will have a better understanding of Fitzgerald's true life compared to his writing style, as well as theme, for quit a few of his novels.  We hope that the reader will be able to pinpoint the love vs. money theme in some of his works such as "The Great Gatsby" compared with the same theme in his real life.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Research contributed by: Lindsay B., Jeneika M., Christpher W., Tavares